You alone can control your own data

While AI is becoming more accurate and useful as it learns from larger amounts of data, issues involving personal privacy violations are becoming increasingly serious.

AI inside believes that you alone should be able to choose whether or not to share your personal data for AI model training.

Conventional AI requires sufficient learning data to achieve practical levels of accuracy. To achieve both privacy protection and AI accuracy, AI inside has established privacy protection technologies and has also developed products that let users consent to the use of personal data.

The services and products provided by AI inside ensure that clear consent is obtained. No access to personal data takes place without your permission, and no data is ever provided to third parties.

In addition, data for which you have permitted for use (by AI inside) is used only for the improvement of service, after processed by privacy protection technologies that prevent identification of individuals.

Initiatives for privacy protection

  • Privacy control/Intelligent OCR

    The Intelligent OCR used on DX Suite is equipped with privacy control features that let you set whether AI-based learning takes place.

    When turned on, permission is given for AI-based learning and data is used to improve OCR accuracy. Conversely, when turned off, AI does not learn from your data. Whichever selection is set, AI technology updates from AI inside can be received without restriction.

  • Secure environment / AI inside Cube

    AI inside Cube is an edge computing device designed to run a variety of AI operations. The CPU and GPU enable the use of AI in a closed environment, without providing data to AI inside.

    This enables both the promotion of digitalization and privacy protection, without the conventional trade-off between the two. We have a proven track record of adoption by companies that require advanced security protocols, such as the financial service industry.

  • Data utilization through strict policies/FaceAuth

    FaceAuth is provided for identity verification work under strict policies in terms of privacy protection and respecting the interests of the individual.

    • FaceAuth is available only for facial images that have been properly acquired in terms of laws and ordinances for personal information protection.
    • Attributes such as race, nationality, religion, age, and gender are not evaluated.
    • Usage applications are limited to determination of person matches; functions such as searching for specific persons from images of large numbers of people are not provided.