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February 01, 2022

AI inside’s No-Code AI Platform, “Learning Center,” Starts One-Second Based Billing

Allowing Flexible and Optimal Operation with a Pay-as-you-go System

Tokyo, February 1, 2022 — AI inside Inc., a provider of an AI platform, has switched to a cloud version of a monthly-billed “Learning Center,” a platform for no-code AI development and operation and began providing training and inference environments in one-second units on Tuesday, February 1st JST. A system based on the unit of second will achieve a flexible and optimal AI development and operation environment for companies and organizations, contributing to creating new AI businesses and values.


Background of Switching to Pay-as-you-go, by the Second, Based Payment System

Users can use the “Learning Center” according to their needs and desires by switching to a second-based system. Since the fixed monthly fees will be discontinued, they can execute training and inference anytime while keeping costs minimum.

In the “AI White Paper 2020,” the third issue regarding AI implementation was listed as “high implementation cost” (1). If companies or organizations are having issues with high implementation costs, a second-based system can lead to achieving efficient cost management and a smaller scale of AI implementation.

In addition, to realize AI usage in business strategies or issues, the cycle of planning, execution, evaluation, and improvement should be run while optimizing operations. To that end, users need a price range that allows the running of sustainable operations. With a second-based system, businesses can flexibly accommodate their business model and operating system, thus achieving sustainable and optimal AI management.


The change to a second-based system makes it possible to use the “Learning Center” as an AI development/operation platform that can be adapted to any business model and environment. By providing an environment that facilitates AI service generation, AI inside contributes to creating various AI businesses for companies.

Furthermore, AI inside will continue to provide a platform that enables AI usage for resolving business and social issues according to the free-thinking of workers at many companies, including developers and non-engineers.

(1) IPA “AI White Paper 2020” Issues in Considering AI Implementation at Companies

About “Learning Center”

The “Learning Center” is a no-code AI development and operation platform that enables self-creation of AI for business reforms in a given company or organization at a low cost and within a short period. Equipped with intuitive controls and a user-friendly UI, high-precision AI models can be automatically generated and evaluated with simple inputs and clicks. In addition, organizations can realize the optimal operation of AI adapted to their needs by improving its precision through additional training and linking of other services and APIs. As an AI development/operation platform, the “Learning Center” contributes to the accumulation of AI knowledge and human resource development in companies and organizations. Even non-engineers who are not experts in machine training or data science can easily operate AI.

New Price Chart (Cloud Version)

Users are charged based on per second of their training and inference time in the new system.

ItemAmount (tax excluded) (2)
Training (3)0.104 yen/s (2)
Inference (4)0.03 yen/s (2)

(2) The above price chart is applicable to cloud usage. Usage of the system on-premises will have a different cost estimate.
(3) One will be charged per second from the period between starting and ending or cancellation of training.
(4) One will be charged per second from the period between starting and cancellation of deployment. The processing time varies depending on the differences in environment. Please contact us for more details.

Examples of Use Cases and Usage Fees

E.g., 1) In a visual inspection task for a manufacturing process, when using AI eight hours per day for ten days (approximately 288,000 s), about 10,000 yen is charged as the AI usage fee at the end of the month.
E.g., 2) In an image analysis task for marketing, when using AI for two hours per day, five times in a month (approximately 36,000 s), about 1,000 yen is charged as the AI usage fee at the end of the month.


For more inquiries regarding the usage method and payment of the “Learning Center,” please contact:
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