About AI inside

For future creators

There are numerous issues facing the world, and many people are facing up to challenges.
At AI inside, we deliver the power of AI for creativity and all people aiming for a more prosperous future.

VisionAI inside X

AI is able to render its own judgments through repeated learning, to resolve issues in the same manner as people.
We are developing services that provide more AI, more quickly and at lower cost, for a society in which AI is embedded in all manner of people and things (= X).

MissionTo bring AI to every being in the world and
contribute to a richer future society

Our mission is not that we ourselves resolve issues, but that we assist all of the people and things tackling the world’s challenges.
We believe that AI, which at times can produce innovation quite removed from traditional ideas, is a partner in urging human evolution.
At AI inside, we will build a society full of people and things that achieve a more convenient, safer, more sustainable future.

AI inside Inc. Representative Director, President and CEO Taku ToguchiAI inside Inc. Representative Director, President and CEO Taku Toguchi

CEO Message

In Japan, where the working-age population is decreasing, dramatic increase in productivity is an issue that must be realized. At AI inside Inc., we desire to contribute to this social issue by providing products based on the concept “AI platform to enhance productivity.” This initiative has already been delivered to our customers as a product called “DX Suite,” and we have started to form a community where we receive feedback, discuss, and improve the product on a daily basis.

This community is in fact, the asset to our company.

At AI inside Inc., we are proclaiming that “it is the teamwork between you and us that makes the innovative products of AI Inside possible,” and in the “era of AI” what is important is “the connection between people.” This is evident from the fact that AI is an imitation of human will.

Thus, when we consider how AI inside can contribute to a prosperous future society, we find a community of wonderful members and customers who believe in its philosophy, sincerely pursuing and enhancing each other and its services every day. This is a very important aspect, and if we constantly continue with this and we believe that by constantly continuing to do this, we will be able to continue to realize our philosophy.

We will continue to boldly take on challenges to become the most trusted company in the world.

AI inside Inc.
Representative Director, President and CEO
Taku Toguchi

Company Info

Company name

AI inside Inc.


Taku Toguchi


Shibuya Dai-ichiseimei Bldg. 4F, 3-8-12 Shibuya Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0002, Japan


Main phone number

+81 3 5468 5041


August 5, 2015


1,148 million yen

Number of regular employees

92 (as of the end of December 2020)

Business details

Development and provision of artificial intelligence and related information services


· International Standard ISO/IEC27001 Information Security Management System

· International Standard ISO9001 Quality Management System

· PrivacyMark


August 2015

Establishment of AI inside Inc. in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, and launched AI handwritten character recognition service

December 2016

Certified as a partner company under the NVIDIA Inception Program

October 2017

Relocation of headquarters to Shibuya Daiichi Seimei Building, Shibuya 3-chome, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo to expand business

November 2017

Launch of DX Suite and of Intelligent OCR AI-OCR service

September 2018

Launch of Elastic Sorter AI service for sorting forms

November 2019

Joint announcement with Nippon Telegraph and Telephone East Corporation and launch of AI Yomitoru, a DX Suite OEM product

March 2019

Launch of DX Suite leveraging LGWAN (Local Government Wide Area Network) with NTT DATA Corporation, for local government administrative bodies

June 2019

Launch of Multi Form AI-OCR service for non-regular forms
Launch of AI inside Cube hardware for edge computing

December 2019

Listing on Mothers section of Tokyo Stock Exchange

November 2020

Launch of AI inside Cube mini hardware for edge computing