Challenge will create the future

Imagine a prosperous future where AI is found everywhere and all benefit from it.
We aim to be the world's leading AI platform that brings AI to all areas of life.
This is no easy task, but its difficulty is what makes it meaningful and interesting.
Won’t you join us in creating such a future?

Rules of Innovation

Stay Simple

Staying simple is difficult.
Staying simple is also interesting.
Innovation is born from the simple—do not forget this.

User First

Without users, services cannot exist.
Do you see things from the user’s perspective?

Be Positive

Each and every daily action affects society.
Each action brings new value.
No action, however small, is meaningless.

Flat Structure to Increase Mobility

In order for each individual who shares our vision to make decisions and actions with speed, we have created an organizational structure by clarifying the mission of each unit and giving them discretion.
The relationship between each units are flat, and this system allows us to work together and proactively.
In order to make a decision, there needs to be enough information. We are an organization in which everyone can take action to bring change by grasping and judging the current situation based on shared open information.

Work environment and systems

Even from a benefits perspective, we provide an environment where employees can enhance their performance.
We are still developing, let’s work together to create a rewarding work environment.

Company systems

  • Remote work in principle; allowance provided, transportation
  • Remote work allowance provided (transportation allowance are paid at actual cost)
  • Vacation(125 days of annual vacation such as summer vacation, New Year’s holiday etc)
  • Paid leaves (ten days in the first year, to be provided after 3 months after joining)
  • Rental company housing system

Health management

  • Inclusion in Kanto IT Software Health Insurance Union
  • Periodic comprehensive medical check-ups (ages 35+), gynecological examinations
  • Influenza vaccination
  • In-house pharmacy

Initiatives from employees

  • Enhancing the Employee Experiences “Employee Experience Committee”
  • Company-wide “shuffle lunch”
  • English Sessions “Tea Time”
  • Support for newcomers “Buddy System”
  • Onboarding Program “Welcome Session”

Support systems

  • GLTD insurance (Group Long Term Disability insurance)
  • Internal Notification System (compliance hotline)
  • Book purchase support
  • Marriage/ maternity leave and congratulatory gift