Challenge will create the future

Imagine a prosperous future where AI is found everywhere and all benefit from it.
We aim to be the world’s leading AI platform that brings AI to all areas of life.
This is no easy task, but its difficulty is what makes it meaningful and interesting.
Won’t you join us in creating such a future?

Flat Structure

Flat Structure to Increase Mobility

In order for each individual who shares our vision to make decisions and actions with speed, we have created an organizational structure that clarifies the mission of each unit and gives them individual discretion.
The relationship between all units is flat. This system allows us to work proactively together.
We are an organization where everyone can grasp the current situation and make decisions based on shared open information.
Here, anyone can take actions to bring change.

Benefits and Perks Package


Even from a benefits perspective, we provide an environment where employees can enhance their performance.We will provide a safe and secure environment for our employees to take on the challenge of creating new value. We will support the autonomous growth of each member.We are still developing, let’s work together to create a rewarding work environment.


    Maximize your outcomes according to your lifestyle. You can choose your work style to maximize your results based on your lifestyle.

    • Flexible working hours (with core hours)
    • Telework allowance (¥5,000 / month)
    • Choose the working style that suits you best, “Work From Anywhere”
    • A holiday scheme with no restrictions, whether in the summer or winter, “Refresh vacation”

    We support you to keep working in a healthy and balanced way, both mentally and physically.

    • With sick leaves/vacation leaves in addition to annual leaves to take care of yourself or family
    • Periodic comprehensive medical check-ups (ages 35+), vaccination
    • Partnership with afiiliated doctors”In-house pharmacy”
    • Member of Kanto IT Software Health Insurance Union with excellent benefits

    We support you in securing security to work for the long term that fits your lifestyle.

    • GLTD insurance (Group Long Term Disability insurance)
    • “Relocation Support” for employees moving to Japan from overseas
    • Marriage and maternity leave & celebration payments/ Bereavement leave & condolence payments

    Self-development support, which subsidizes half of the costs for studying topics related to current or future work

    • Self-development support, which subsidizes half of the costs for studying topics related to current or future work

    Support for newcomers “Buddy System”

    • Support for newcomers “Buddy System”
  • Other employee benefits

    • Rental company housing system
    • Board benefit trust plan
    • Internal Notification System (compliance hotline)
    • In-house pharmacy