When and why was your company founded?

Our company was founded in August 2015 to provide AI platforms for improving productivity. With our founding, we launched a service that uses AI to recognize handwritten characters. In October 2017, our expanding business led us to relocate our head office to its current location in Shibuya Dai-Ichi Life Building (3-chome Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo). In November of the same year, we launched our DX Suite.

What is the listing market for your shares?

We have been listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers(Current Growth Market) since December 25th, 2019.

What is your company’s securities code?

It is 4488.

When will financial results be announced?

Our accounting period ends at the end of March every year, with midterm settlement at the end of September. Financial results are announced in May and November, respectively. We also disclose quarterly results.

What is the fixed date for payment of dividends to shareholders?

The fixed date for payment of year-end dividends to shareholders is March 31st. The fixed date for payment of midterm dividends to shareholders is September 30th.

Is there a shareholder incentive program?

Not at this time.

How many shares are in one round lot?

100. (“Round lot” refers to the number of shares in a trading unit.)

What procedure should I follow when registering a transfer of shares, change of address or other change?

For information about various procedures related to stocks, please contact the securities company where you opened your trading account.

Where can I view your company’s past results?

Please see the financial statements and securities reports posted on this website.

When is the general meeting of shareholders held?

The annual general meeting of shareholders is held within three months of the end of each fiscal year. Information on the date and location of the event will be provided in early June to those holding shares as of March 31st of that year.

How can I exercise my voting rights at a general meeting of shareholders?

For shareholders listed in the shareholder registry at the end of the record date for the general meeting of shareholders (March 31st for the annual general meeting), we will provide a notice of convocation for the meeting and a form to exercise your voting rights. Voting rights can be exercised by:
(1) attending the meeting with the voting form, or
(2) sending the voting form back after indicating your support or opposition.

Where can I request documents or make another inquiry?

Please contact us here.