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June 28, 2021

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AI-OCR “DX Suite” Accelerates Adaptation of Technologies at the Bank of Nagoya; AI inside Provides Technical Support for Standardization of Inheritance Procedures at Three Banks in Aichi

Tokyo, June 28, 2021 — AI inside Inc., a provider of an AI platform, announces that the Bank of Nagoya, Ltd. has implemented our AI-OCR “DX Suite” for automation of reading documents for mortgages and inheritance procedures with the cooperation of our sales partner, Persol Process & Technology, Inc.

In addition, they have decided to implement the “DX Suite” to improve operational efficiency in the project on standardization of inheritance procedures among the three banks in Aichi Prefecture, Japan, in June 2021. Following this, AI inside provided technical support for designing forms and improving reading accuracy.

AI inside continues to contribute to the digital transformation of the banking operations, such as digitization for paper forms, with its AI-OCR “DX Suite” as an AI platform.


The Bank of Nagoya has been enthusiastically adopting digital technologies as one of the main strategies in its current mid-term management plan. As part of this effort, with the support of Persol Process & Technology, the Bank of Nagoya has implemented the AI-OCR “DX Suite” for operations at Nagoya Bank. DX Suite assists the automatization of the data entry process related to housing loan procedures.

Furthermore, the Bank of Nagoya has been working to improve the efficiency of inheritance procedures as the number of cases is increasing year by year due to the aging of Japanese society.

They opened the Inheritance Consultation Plaza in July 2015 and worked on unifying the application forms for inheritance procedure with the other two banks in Aichi Prefecture. With these and more improvements, they aim to reduce the time and effort required for customers to prepare documents and increase convenience.

When the Bank of Nagoya was in the process of unifying its request forms, AI inside and Parsol P&T provided technical support for layouts and design for achieving higher accuracy by using “DX Suite” for inheritance procedures. With our “DX Suite”, the Bank of Nagoya expects to reduce the total number of work hours for mortgage and inheritance procedures by 1,000 hours per year. 

Regarding Standardization of Inheritance Procedures among the Three Banks (The Bank of Nagoya, Aichi Bank, and Chukyo Bank): (Japanese)

Endorsement from The Bank of Nagoya, Ltd.

Mr. Naoki Enomoto, Manager, Inheritance Consultation Plaza, The Bank of Nagoya, Ltd.

As the head of the Inheritance Consultation Plaza, I am also responsible for the back-office operations of the inheritance procedures received at the sales branches. The cases have been increasing year by year, and I needed a solution to improve efficiency. Otherwise, we would not be able to operate at this rate. In the midst of this, I learned about business improvement using the AI-OCR “DX Suite” in the bank. I asked AI inside to help us design the application forms to maximize the effect to make it easy to read by the “DX Suite.” At this moment, we just reached a phase in which finishing the easy-to-read forms. In the future, we are very much looking forward to improving efficiency by automated processing and data entry.

About DX Suite (

“DX Suite” is an AI-OCR service equipped with “character recognition AI” which is in-house developed by AI inside. It can read handwritten words with high accuracy which were difficult to read by the conventional OCR and automate the data conversion work which has been done manually. It also has a privacy control feature that allows users to control their information. We are contributing to numerous companies on digital transformation and productivity improvement. The service supports the reading of Japanese, English, Traditional Chinese, Thai, and Vietnamese Languages.  

About AI inside Inc.

With our mission, “to bring AI to every being in the world and contribute to a richer future society”, AI inside aims to achieve a society with AI in every corner of people’s lives to benefit from AI. We provide a platform for anyone to utilize AI easily with our following services: the Workflows for using AI and applications including our DX Suite, the Learning Center for everyone to build high-precision AI without code, and the AI inside Cube for running various AI.

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