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September 01, 2021

Learning Center

Press Release

Learning Center, A Low-Cost Way to Create Custom AI Easily with No Programming, is Now Available On-Premises

Supports the in-house development and operation of field-driven AI

Tokyo, September 1, 2021 — AI inside Inc, a provider of an AI platform, announces we have started providing “Learning Center,” a low-cost way to create custom and highly accurate AI models without programming in an on-premise environment.

“Learning Center” is an AI development service that does not require programming, with the concept of enabling everyone to develop highly accurate AI models easily. In addition to the cloud-based service, users can now complete the AI training and inference in an on-premise environment by using AI inside Cube Pro at the edge.

AI inside aims to create a society where a wide variety of valuable AI models are created in a decentralized and shared via a marketplace, and every company and organization can make use of AI. To achieve this goal, we provide users with support tools for in-house development and utilization of the field-driven AI, rather than undertaking AI model development, customization, and tuning for them.

Background in Japan

With many companies promoting digital transformation, companies are introducing AI to improve the efficiency of internal workflows. The number of companies that have already introduced AI to automate simple tasks has increased to 19.7% in FY2020 compared to 14.4% in FY2019 (*1). However, challenges in implementing AI include lack of understanding of AI, concerns about its effectiveness, high implementing costs, shortage of AI human resources, and less availability of AI services and products (*2).

When implementing AI in Japan, many companies tend to outsource the development to vendors or development companies, but nowadays it is important to do it internally. In addition, companies are facing the need to further create value and transform their business by prompting digital transformation using ICT technologies including AI. To do so, internal personnel who understand the company’s strategy and business model need to improve the workflows and develop its system. There is also a need to train personnel who can lead the digital transformation for their company.

By providing the “Learning Center” in an on-premise environment using the edge computing device “AI inside Cube Pro,” it is now possible for the personnel in charge of business departments to leverage their own data, train and infer AI models in their own internal environment that is isolated from external networks.

*1 Source: Japan Users Association of Information Systems, April 14, 2021, “Enterprise IT Trends Survey 2021 (FY2020 Survey)”
*2 Source: IPA “AI White Paper 2020” Challenges in Introducing AI in the Enterprise

What you can achieve using AI on-premise

1. Utilization of AI in the internal network environment

Companies and organizations in many other industries, such as the manufacturing industry, the insurance industry, financial industry, local governments, cannot provide internal data to outside parties or upload it to the cloud due to the privacy protection and handling of confidential data. By installing the edge computing device “AI inside Cube Pro,” which allows training and inference AI, they can realize digital transformation and AI utilization with data for internal use while maintaining information security.

2. Real-time AI utilization

The advantage of edge computing is that they execute processing without going through the Internet, so there is no need to send data to the cloud and then wait for a response. By using “AI inside Cube Pro,” you can achieve real-time processing with low latency.

About Learning Center( – Japanese)

Learning Center is a service for everyone to create high-accurate AI models easily without AI expertise or programming. Users can manage the data, automatically generate AI, and deploy it with a simple input and click on intuitive and easy-to-use GUI. Learning Center reinvents how people can approach AI creation. Without hiring AI vendors or developers, Learning Center enables users to implement AI by themselves, and for themselves, in a short period at a low cost.

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About AI inside Inc.

With our mission, “to bring AI to every being in the world and contribute to a richer future society”, AI inside aims to realize a society in which AI has spread to every corner of people’s life. We provide a platform for anyone to utilize AI easily through our services: Workflows for using AI and applications including our DX Suite, Learning Center for everyone to build high precision AI without code, and AI inside Cube for running various AI.

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