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December 16, 2021

Press Release

AI inside Partners with UNIFINITY, a No-Code Mobile App Developer

Partnership Allows Anyone to Build Customized Mobile Apps with AI for Business at a Low Cost

Tokyo, December 16, 2021 — AI inside Inc., a provider of an AI platform, announces its partnership with UNIFINITY Inc. to provide our AI for character recognition and image recognition on their no-code mobile app builder called “Unifinity.”

The partnership enables users to easily build customized mobile applications equipped with AI for work devices at a low cost using Unifinity, an no-code platform for building mobile applications.

Overview of the Partnership

Unifinity, a provider of the no-code mobile application development platform called “Unifinity,” promotes users’ digital transformation in diverse business operations with high mobility through their platform.

Generally, in warehouses, factories, and construction sites, the use of PCs is rare due to environmental reasons such as the lack of space for PCs, the regular use of paper forms, and the need to work while checking visually. There is a growing demand for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets to digitize these operations, improve productivity, and eliminate paper-based communication and manual labor. However, many of the tasks using mobile devices need to be processed in a short time and in real-time. To activate mobile apps in such a situation, developing a mobile application in-house with high performance and smooth motion requires a high level of technology.

With the collaboration between Unifinity and AI inside, users can develop mobile applications with low latency and highly accurate AI that matches their business strategy with no coding required. 

Developing mobile applications often costs tens of millions of yen since the OS and version management is needed. However, the “Unifinity” platform allows you to develop applications by only spending hundreds of thousands of yen. In addition, it is highly customizable, leading to easy integration with existing basic systems and SaaS. This helps improve the productivity of field operations by enabling tasks that were previously processed on paper or manually to be performed using only mobile devices.

Use cases of mobile application with image recognition AI

Mobile apps and image recognition AI have a high affinity and can be used in various business situations regardless of the industry. For example, For tasks such as manually executed inspections on defective products, and work reports at manufacturing sites, users can automate the process from inputting images to uploading them to the backbone system using only a mobile device. This will not only lead to shortening the work hours but will also improve real-time performance and prevent human-made errors such as transcription errors.

Use case 1: Inventory control application

When goods are received, the product name and quantity need to be manually entered and registered to the inventory management system based on the printed delivery slip included in the package. By utilizing the mobile application equipped with AI-OCR, the fields on the delivery slip can be automatically digitized by uploading the slip taken with a smartphone camera and having the AI recognize the characters. In addition, by reflecting the results in the company’s inventory management system in real-time, this allows the system to always have an up-to-date inventory status. 

Use case 2: Vehicle Management App

Hundreds of trucks enter and leave warehouses each day to transport goods and materials in the logistics and construction industries. To manage these transport vehicles, the field staff had to check the license plate numbers of each vehicle and manually enter them into the system. By utilizing the application equipped with image recognition AI, the field staff can take a picture of a vehicle’s license plate number with a smartphone’s camera, convert it into digital data, and automate its registration in the system.

Use case 3: Interview Memo App

In large shopping centers, when the staff in charge visits each store to receive reports, handwritten reports are taken on the spot to conduct interviews quickly. After making the rounds, the staff in charge needs to return to the office and enter the information taken into the system. The mobile app equipped with AI-OCR allows one to take a picture of the reports by smartphone and digitize it on the spot, eliminating manual entry of the report. 

Mr. Shunsuke Katsura, President and CEO of UNIFINITY Inc., commented: 

It is becoming more critical than ever to maximize the power of digital technology to increase productivity in the field. In this situation, AI inside’s AI platform enables the development of various types of AI with AI-OCR and the “Learning Center”, an AI development service used without code. In addition to their strength, our application platform makes it easy to build applications that fully leverage the power of AI on mobile devices. This collaboration can offer many businesses the best combination for advancing digital transformation. Therefore, I am very pleased to say that this partnership leads to realizing our mission of optimizing technology for people through this collaboration.

Taku Toguchi, Representative Director, President, and CEO of AI inside Inc. commented:

AI inside provides technologies for AI development and operation and infrastructures openly. By making our technology available to all companies, we promote the social integration of AI by fusing each company’s expertise and our AI technologies. Through the partnership with Unifinity, we have developed AI-powered native mobile apps without using code and operating them, making it easier to use AI and more accessible to anyone regardless of whether you are online or offline. We continue to provide a combination of technologies to accelerate the integration of AI into people and objects worldwide and contribute to the realization of a society that can benefit from AI in a wide range of diverse operations.

About the no-code application development platform “Unifinity” ( – Japanese)

Unifinity is a development platform used without code for mobile apps for business used by over 200,000 people. It allows non-engineers to easily develop, distribute, and operate mobile apps customized for their use. We aim to streamline the work that still requires a significant amount of time and effort in the field and on the road and to realize digital transformation optimized for all types of work.

About the technology provided by AI inside

AI inside openly provides AI technologies and platform for AI development and operation accumulated through our services such as “DX Suite” and “Learning Center,” and promotes collaboration and joint development with various social and industrial infrastructure products. With our technology, we accelerate the internalization of the use and operation of AI technology in all kinds of companies and support the promotion of DX, bringing business transformation. Furthermore, we continue to provide AI technology and development support to developers to accelerate the deployment of AI platforms.

About AI inside Inc. ( 

With our mission, “to bring AI to every being in the world and contribute to a richer future society”, AI inside provides “Learning Center” for creating AI, “AI inside Cube” for running AI, “Workflows” for using AI and apps, and “DX Suite” to digitize every data with AI. Through our AI platform, we aim to realize a society in which many creative and valuable AI has spread to every corner of people’s life, by encouraging the decentralized creation of AI and sharing it among users. 

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