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January 14, 2022

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DX Suite’s AI-OCR Now Supports Resumes, Promotes Building HR Database

Tokyo, January 14, 2022 – AI inside Inc., a provider of an AI platform, announces our “DX Suite” is expanding its AI-empowered optical character recognition (AI-OCR) to support another semi-structured form of “resumes.”

With the AI-OCR of “DX Suite,” the 28 fields of information recorded on resumes can be digitized, such as  personal academic backgrounds, work experiences, qualifications, and licenses. This contributes to the creation of databases for BPO companies and staffing agencies, and making resume search more efficient. 

Background of feature expansion

In Japan, online HR procedures are becoming more widespread with the expansion of human resource technology. However, at the same time, many companies still  receive and manage resumes in hard copies, with only 3.9% (*) within all companies using digital data to receive and handle all resumes. In addition, companies in Japan are obliged to store employees’ resumes (regardless of full-time, part-time employment) for three years from the date of resignation under “Article 109 of the Labor Standard Act” of the Japanese Law, requiring proper management of those resumes. In particular, at BPO companies and staffing agencies, the number of hours required for manual entry of the resumes to the management system and management of the resumes have become a significant burden due to many resumes from the high mobility of human resources. 

With the AI-OCR of “DX Suite” now supporting resumes, it is possible to quickly digitize 28 fields in resumes including name, address, education backgrounds, work experiences, and also the reason for application, skills, and other remarks. In addition, by linking with other management systems, users can create human resource databases.

(*) neton, Inc. “Survey on resume format” (in Japanese)

Application method

BPO companies with a large number of part-time employees can utilize the AI-OCR of “DX Suite” to manage employee information and re-approach past employees based on the human resource database. 

For staffing agencies, when searching for a suitable candidate for a new job opening, they can quickly find the appropriate candidate by linking together the database with the management system, which will improve the speed of proposal to the company looking to hire.

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