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February 08, 2022

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AI inside’s “DX Suite” Connected to “SmartDB®︎” Cloud Software for Enterprises

Tokyo, February 8, 2022– AI inside, Inc., a provider of an AI platform, announces that “DX Suite” and DreamArts Corporation’s business digitizing cloud “SmartDB®” is now linked by API for enterprises.

Users of both “DX Suite” and “SmartDB®” can now automate the data input of forms such as contracts, applications, and invoices in the task application produced by “SmartDB®.” AI inside will continue to generate time for new value via task optimization and expand opportunities to use “DX Suite” by advancing its linkage with various services and industrial bases.

Overview  of “DX Suite” and “SmartDB®” linkage

In creating the API linkage between “DX Suite,” which converts any information into digital data, and “SmartDB®,” task digitalization cloud software for enterprises, it is now possible to automatically convert information such as contracts, applications, and invoices into digital data using DX Suite’s AI-OCR functionality, merely by putting image data into the task application.

“SmartDB®” is a cloud-based task digitalization software with workflow and web database function that can completely digitalize on-site task processes. With 500,000 users—mostly from enterprises — it has the largest market share(*) in the SaaS-type workflow sphere.

Until now, to transfer information from paper forms to the task application developed in “SmartDB®,” it was previously necessary to manually input numbers or text on the form screen in the application. Large companies have a particularly large number of communications done on paper forms, with multiple transactions and in-house documentation, resulting in an enormous quantity of data input into the task system.

With this API linkage, data input is no longer necessary, and user can now quickly convert PDF and image data from paper contracts, applications, and invoices into digital data by simply registering them with “SmartDB®.” As a result, in addition to reducing data input tasks and errors, document management costs can be optimized by converting documents stored in paper forms into digital data, and data can be analyzed after linking other systems in “SmartDB®.”

*Techno System Research “2021 SaaS Workflow Market Manufacturer Share (1,000 or more employees)”

How to connect DX Suite and SmartDB®︎

Interested parties will need to submit an application for “DX Suite” and “Smart DB®,” respectively. In addition, we plan to provide some sample data free of charge starting on Tuesday, March 1st, for potential clients to test our software for various tasks. For inquiries, please contact the following.

DX Suite:

SmartDB®: (Japanese)

About “SmartDB®” ( – Japanese)

SmartDB® is cloud-based task digitalization software with the largest market share(*) among enterprises. User can develop applications from individual tasks on-site to company-wide tasks with no code or a small amount of coding. It has a wide variety of functionalities focused on workflow and web databases as well as supports flexible integration with external systems, fine-tuned privilege management, and advanced security requirements. It has more than 500,000 users, including major companies such as MUFG Bank, Ltd., Daiwa House Industry, and Ritsumeikan University. Using the cloud platform “Microsoft Azure” that Microsoft provides as a service base, SmartDB® has achieved an environment that can flexibly accommodate changes to usage scope and increased content.

About DX Suite(

“DX Suite” is an application that digitizes all kinds of information with AI inside’s in-house developed “character recognition AI.” DX Suite’s AI-OCR function “Intelligent OCR” can read handwritten characters with high accuracy, even those challenging for conventional OCR to read, and automates the data conversion work done manually. It supports structured and semi-structured forms and full page OCR, field extraction, searchable PDF, and offers a privacy control function that allows users to keep their information secure. In addition, users can choose whether to activate AI training on their data. It is also equipped with Japanese, Chinese (traditional and simplified), Thai, and Vietnamese foreign language models. “DX Suite” contributes to the improvement of productivity and digital transformation in Japan and globally for various companies and organizations. 

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