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February 10, 2022

DX Suite

Press Release

AI inside Partners with SBI AntWorks Asia, Accelerates Service Deliveries in East Asia, Southeast Asia, and Japan

Tokyo, February 10, 2022– AI inside, a provider of an AI platform and SBI AntWorks Asia Co., Ltd. announces the agreement to become  “Technology Partner.” to strengthen each solutions. The partnership brings the next generation of solution as “Hyper Automation” and to have potential to expand to the global customers who are based in East Asia, Southeast Asia,Japan and Japanese customers based out of Japan.

SBI AntWorks Asia is a jointly established company by SBI Group and AntWorks, a Singapore-based AI and RPA start-up company. With the partnership between SBI AntWorks Asia and AI inside, AI inside’s “DX Suite,” which digitizes all data, has been incorporated into SBI AntWorks Asia’s “QueenBOT RPA” to achieve more seamless operations.


Background of product collaboration

The global market size of “Hyper-Automation”, a combination of multiple technologies such as RPA and AI is estimated to reach US$ 596.6 billion by 2022(*).  There is an increased demand for end to end automation of business processes, not limited to the paperless movement, and use for accurate management and processing of a high volume of documents.

“QueenBOT RPA,” is a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) service to realize business automation, which is in the integrated automation platform “ANTstein SQUARE,”. SBI AntWorks Asia has been offering this solution with lower price against competitors, which has greatly supported the promotion of digital transformation among small and medium enterprises.

In addition, our “DX Suite” has contributed to many companies and organizations of all sizes to automate and streamline their operations by digitizing all kinds of data, including documents and images in semi-structured formats with handwritten and typed characters. 

Currently, “DX Suite” supports multiple languages such as Chinese (simplified and traditional), Thai, Vietnamese, English, and Japanese. By connecting “DX Suite” and “QueenBOT RPA,” it now enables RPA to automatically process information converted into text data by the AI-OCR of “DX Suite.” This will allow Japanese companies in East Asia to handle data in local languages, and companies and organizations in Japan to automate, save labor, and improve the efficiency of their operations, thereby contributing to the promotion of digital transformation in various companies. 

*MarketAndMarkets – Intelligent Document Processing Market by Component (Solutions, Services), Deployment Mode (Cloud, On-Premises), Organization Size, Technology, Vertical (BFSI, Government, Healthcare and Life Sciences), and Region – Global Forecast to 2026

Mr. Hiroaki Yokoyama, VP, Sales and Operations of SBI AntWorks Asia Co., Ltd., has commented as followings:

I am pleased to that we become Technology Partner of AI inside who has dominant market share of AI-OCR product, “DX Suite” in Japan and also available in multiple languages. When thinking of Digital Transformation, the real solution is with Hyper Automation which includes end to end digitization, consist of AI OCR and back-end automation like RPA. 

I am certain that with the expansion of usage by AI-OCR and RPA services could provide more benefit to our customers. 

I am convinced that companies headquartered in Japan and expanding in Asia, and global companies with offices in Japan will accept our multilingual support and cost performance. Furthermore, we are looking to expand into Asia to collaborate with partner companies in the Asian region owned by our parent company, AntWorks.

Taku Toguchi, Representative Director, President, and CEO of AI inside Inc. commented:

Our company has provided our AI development and operation platform and has collaborated with various social and industrial infrastructures. I am delighted to form a partnership with SBI AntWorks Asia to implement our technology into “QueenBOT RPA” and to cooperate comprehensively in product collaboration and sales. With SBI AntWork Asia, a company with a broad network in Japan, and other countries in Asia, we will deliver AI globally and realize its integration in society. 

About “QueenBOT RPA” ( )

“QueenBOT RPA” is an RPA product developed in English but is guaranteed to run on Japanese operation systems and allows switching the display language to Japanese. Furthermore, with the provision by SBI AntWorks Asia, licenses are available at a low price of 300,000 yen (excluding tax) per year. This product is being utilized by small and medium-sized companies in the Tokyo metropolitan area and regional cities. 

About DX Suite(

“DX Suite” is an application that digitizes all kinds of information with AI inside’s in-house developed “character recognition AI.” DX Suite’s AI-OCR function “Intelligent OCR” can read handwritten characters with high accuracy, even those challenging for conventional OCR to read, and automates the data conversion work done manually. It supports structured and semi-structured forms and full page OCR, field extraction, searchable PDF, and offers a privacy control function that allows users to keep their information secure. In addition, users can choose whether to activate AI training on their data. It is also equipped with Japanese, Chinese (traditional and simplified), Thai, and Vietnamese foreign language models. “DX Suite” contributes to the improvement of productivity and digital transformation in Japan and globally for various companies and organizations. 

About AI inside Inc. (

With our mission, “to bring AI to every being in the world and contribute to a richer future society”, AI inside aims to realize a society in which AI has spread to every corner of people’s life. We provide a platform for anyone to utilize AI easily through our services: Workflows for using AI and applications including our DX Suite, Learning Center for everyone to build high precision AI without code, and AI inside Cube for running various AI.

Company Name: AI inside Inc. 
Location: 4th Floor, 3-8-12 Shibuya Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo, Japan 
Representative: Representative Director, President and CEO Taku Toguchi 
Founded: August 2015 
Business details: Development and provision of artificial intelligence and related information services 

*The service names appearing on this site are trademarks or registered trademarks of AI inside.

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