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June 29, 2022

Press Release

AI inside Makes Core Technologies Publicly Available and Launches Prediction and Judgment AI “Learning Center Forecast”, and Collection of Intelligence APIs “Developer’s API”

Tokyo, June 29, 2022 – AI inside Inc., a provider of an AI platform with the mission of “to bring AI to every being in the world and contribute to a richer future society,” announces the opening of our AI infrastructure core technologies to the public, to support AI in-house development and business transformation for all kinds of companies and organizations.

By making our core technologies publicly available, AI inside has expanded the functions of “Learning Center,” a platform for building and operating AI without code, and launches “Learning Center Forecast,” a prediction and judgment AI, along with “Learning Center Vision,” the object detection AI launched April 2021. In addition, “Developer’s API”, a collection of intelligence APIs is also newly offered. This enables  the creation of services and applications incorporating highly accurate AI, without long development periods or high development costs.


Amid the demand for “essential digital transformation (DX)” that goes beyond improving operational efficiency and productivity to link data utilization to the creation of new value, companies eager for DX are actively utilizing AI, and the overall market is growing significantly. The number of companies and organizations shifting from PoC(proof of concept) to full deployment is rising, as is the number of those introducing AI platforms and services. AI technology is no longer the province of engineers and AI development companies. Instead, it makes steady progress in citizen development and AI in-house development by business users.

Since its foundation in 2015, AI inside has developed and supplied AI operation platforms as applications that enable anyone to easily utilize AI, promoting the democratization of AI to bring about a sustainable future where AI is used throughout society. Nowadays, over 2,000 companies and organizations are using its services, achieving DX by advancing digitization and leveraging in-house data. To accelerate this trend, AI inside has decided to make its AI infrastructure and core technologies, which we have invested in through the years, open to the public and begin offering new services.

The AI platforms provided by AI inside started with AI-OCR and have been continually refined and expanded with image recognition-based object detection AI and numerical data-based prediction and judgment AI. AI inside will continue to promote the democratization of AI by further expanding and extending our AI platform as we aim to bring about a sustainable future society. To achieve this, we are developing the “Smart X” framework, which will make all companies, organizations, and governments smarter.

“Learning Center,” the no-code AI development and operation platform

“Learning Center” is a platform that makes it possible for all kinds of companies and organizations to build and operate AI to transform their businesses by insourcing the use of AI quickly, at little cost, and without the need for coding. It offers an intuitive and easy-to-use UI and automatically generates sophisticated AI models with just a few simple data entries and clicks, without needing specialized AI or programming knowledge. Furthermore, users can refine the performance of their AI models through additional user-led training and use API to integrate it with other services to achieve an optimized AI operation for each company’s business.

“Learning Center Forecast,” the prediction and judgment AI

“Learning Center Forecast” uses a numerical data-based prediction and judgment AI to automate operations and begin generating benefits rapidly. Users in individual business fields, who are well-versed in actual operations, can use their organizations’ data to build a variety of prediction and judgment AI models such as models for demand forecasting, customer volume forecasting, exchange rate forecasting, patent maintenance decisions, and credit ratings. In addition, the platform equips with analytic functions such as automatic completion of missing values, automatic setting of data division, and automatic selection of features. Users can collect and upload data, select items to be forecasted, and then execute up to 14 algorithms simultaneously at the touch of a button. The most accurate and optimal one is visualized from the execution results, and the data is output for easy business use.

Demonstration of high-quality customer categorization and food e-commerce sales forecasting: (Japanese only)

[Use cases that can be solved with Learning Center Forecast]
– Demand forecasting in the food industry: Reduction of lost sales opportunities, food loss, etc.
– Intellectual property management by manufacturers: Optimization of patent maintenance costs, protection of intellectual property, etc.

“Learning Center Vision,” the object detection AI

“Learning Center Vision” makes it possible to develop and optimize the operation of AI that uses image recognition in object detection. Users collect and create training data (through annotation), then simply press the “train” button to build, evaluate, and deploy the AI model. The minimum number of training data (images) is set at 20, and an import function is also provided to allow the uploading of pre-tagged image data. In addition, a preview function allows users to check actual inference results without implementing the API, which enables  them to review training data and re- annotate before proceeding to deployment, thereby speeding up the accuracy improvement.

AI model for analyzing congestion in a factory:
Demonstration of training data creation (annotation) process:

[Use cases that can be solved with Learning Center Vision]
– Visual inspection operations for manufacturing processes: Labor shortages, technology and skill transfer, etc.
– Assistance of symptom diagnosis in the medical field: Reform of physician work style, elimination of regional disparities in medical care, etc.

Users are charged based on per second of their training and inference time in the new system.

ItemAmount (tax excluded) (*2)
Training (*3)0.104 yen/second (*2)
Inference (*4)0.03 yen/second (*2)

(*2) The above price chart is applicable to cloud usage. Usage of the system on-premises have a different cost estimate.
(*3) One will be charged per second from the period between starting and ending or cancellation of training.
(*4) One will be charged per second from the period between starting and cancellation of deployment. The processing time varies depending on the differences in environment. Please contact us for more details.

Service page: (Japanese only)
Contact: (Japanese only)

“Developer’s API,” a collection of intelligence APIs

“Developer’s API” is a collection of open intelligence APIs developed and supplied by AI inside. Users can use these APIs to create services and applications incorporating highly accurate AI without long development period and high development costs. AI inside supplies a diverse range of AI intelligence, such as AI-OCR engines (fixed format, free format, and full text) capable of reading the handwriting on all sorts of forms and document classification AI. AI inside plans to expand the range of APIs and  supplies in the future.

[Use cases]
– Expense claim systems linked to electronic form storage systems that import billing statements
– Drawing management systems that scan visual information, extract data, and structurize the data
– Document management systems with automatic sorting functions that categorize documents and store into their corresponding designated folders

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With our mission, “to bring AI to every being in the world and contribute to a richer future society”, AI inside aims to realize a society in which AI spreads to every corner of people’s life. We provide a platform for anyone to utilize AI easily through our services: “Learning Center Vision,” an image recognition AI, “Learning Center Forecast,” a prediction and judgment AI, “AI Growth Program,” a practice-based AI human resource development program, “DX Suite” to digitize various information into highly accurate data, “AI inside Cube,” an edge computing service that realizes the operation of AI in a secure environment, and “Developer’s API,” a collection of intelligence APIs.  

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