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July 04, 2022

Press Release

AI inside’s Developer’s API is Used in New “Resona One-Stop Payment” Business-to-Business Account Settlement Service

Assisting in Automatic Creation of Payment Data from Billing Statements

Tokyo, July 4, 2022– AI inside Inc., a provider of an AI platform with the mission of “to bring AI to every being in the world and contribute to a richer future society,” announces its character recognition API, which is a part of “Developer’s API”, AI inside’s intelligence API collection, is being used in “Resona One-Stop Payment,” a business-to-business account settlement service. This service was jointly developed by Resona Bank, Limited., which is part of the Resona Group, and NTT Data Corporation. AI inside’s platforms, which provide AI infrastructure, will continue to promote business process improvement and transformation through hyperautomation by coordinating with various products and elements of social infrastructures.

Overview of “Resona One-Stop Payment”

Operations of account settlement in Japan often involve manual work and inefficient processes as the result of delays in switching to electronic payment methods. To change this payment environment, Resona Bank and NTT Data developed the Resona One-Stop Payment service to improve the efficiency of payment operations that involve printed or faxed billing statements.

The service uses AI-OCR to digitize  information in billing statement and automatically generate payment data. The service then seamlessly integrates with Resona Bank’s “Resona Business Direct,” an internet banking service to deposit payments. When payment is completed, the corresponding billing statements are automatically stored electronically for easy retrieval. The entire payment operation process is automated and provided as a new one-stop business-to-business payment platform.

In the process of creating bank payment data for this service, AI inside’s character recognition API, one of the “Developer’s APIs” provided as a set of Intelligence APIs, has been adopted as the AI-OCR engine.

The AI-OCR engine can read handwritten characters with high accuracy, which were considered difficult to read with conventional OCR, and extract and structure information from forms and images of all formats. 

*For further details, please see the Resona Bank and NTT Data’s joint press release.
Resona Bank: (Japanese only)
NTT Data: (Japanese only)

The growth potential of the hyperautomation market

In recent years, a great deal of attention has been turned to the technology trend of hyperautomation, in which AI, RPA, and other technologies are used to automate multiple work processes, accelerate business growth, and transform business.

Hyperautomation is a growing field. The hyperautomation market, which was worth 481.6 billion dollars (roughly 52,300 billion yen) in 2020, grew to 532.4 billion dollars (roughly 57,800 billion yen) in 2021, and is forecast to reach 596.6 billion dollars (roughly 64,800 billion yen) in 2022. (*) Hyperautomation is closely tied to AI in its process automation functions, and the growth of the AI market and advances in digitalization are expected to increase the size of the hyperautomation market.

* Gartner Forecasts Worldwide Hyperautomation-Enabling Software Market to Reach Nearly $600 Billion by 2022 (April 28, 2021)

About “Developer’s API,” collection of intelligence API

“Developer’s API” is a collection of open intelligence APIs developed and supplied by AI inside. Users can use hese APIs to build services and applications incorporating highly accurateAI, without requiring long development periods or high development costs. AI inside supplies a diverse range of AI intelligence, such as AI-OCR engines (structured, semi-structured, and full page) capable of reading the handwriting on all sorts of forms and document categorization AI. AI inside plans to expand the range of APIs in the future.

About AI inside Inc. (

With our mission, “to bring AI to every being in the world and contribute to a richer future society”, AI inside aims to realize a society in which AI spreads to every corner of people’s life. We provide a platform for anyone to utilize AI easily through our services: “Learning Center Vision,” an image recognition AI, “Learning Center Forecast,” a prediction and judgment AI, “AI Growth Program,” a practice-based AI human resource development program, “DX Suite” to digitize various information into highly accurate data, “AI inside Cube,” an edge computing service that realizes the operation of AI in a secure environment, and “Developer’s API,” a collection of intelligence APIs.  

Company Name: AI inside Inc. 
Location: 4th Floor, 3-8-12 Shibuya Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo, Japan 
Representative: Representative Director, President & CEO (Concurrently) CPO Taku Toguchi 
Founded: August 2015 
Business details: Development and provision of artificial intelligence and related information services 

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