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July 21, 2022

AI inside Launches Project with Sendai City for AI Human Resource Development and Business Creation Through AI Utilization

To achieve the vision “AI-Ready City, Sendai” and contribute to sustainable urban development

Tokyo, July 21, 2022– AI inside Inc., a provider of an AI platform with the mission of “to bring AI to every being in the world and contribute to a richer future society,” , announces the launch of “SENDAI X-TECH Innovation Project 2022-2023” together with Sendai City in Miyagi Prefecture to create business by AI human resource development and AI utilization.

By providing the “AI Growth Program,” a practice-based AI human resource development program, AI inside will continue to build upon last year’s efforts to contribute to sustainable urban development by working to achieve the vision of “AI-Ready City, Sendai,” where businesses are continuously generated by AI-ready corporations and people who can make the best use of AI.


The Vision for “Digital Garden City State” initiative promoted by the Japanese government as a central pillar of reform aims to revitalize and connect regional areas with the world with the goal of “promoting digital implementation from regional areas to create a new wave of reform and narrow the difference between regional and urban areas.” One of the important approaches for this major transformation is the “Super City” concept, which aims to create a future city that provides advanced services by utilizing AI and big data on open digital infrastructure.

In light of these things, the utilization of data and AI in digital transformation is essential for urban development and regional revitalization, and the development of digital and AI human resources to do so is also an important issue. To address this challenge, Sendai City strives to develop human resources and enhance regional industries via the promotion of X-TECH (“cross tech”), which creates new businesses by combining leading ICT technologies such as AI with a wide range of industries.

The “Smart X” concept for a sustainable future society provides various corporations and other organizations with the core technologies, knowledge, and experience accumulated in the past. The “AI-Ready City, Sendai” vision of Sendai City perfectly coincides with the Smart X concept of AI inside, and we will further cooperate to promote this initiative. 

The emergence of AI human resources achieved by these efforts with Sendai City will not only support transformation at corporations and organizations but will contribute to solving all kinds of problems and help realize a sustainable future society through the penetration of AI/intelligence created by AI human resources into society.

SENDAI X-TECH Innovation Project 2022-2023

In 2021, the Sendai X-TECH Promotion Bureau*1 jointly established*2 by Sendai City and multiple corporations started the Sendai X-TECH Innovation Project 2021 to promote the unified development of AI-related businesses and human resources can utilize AI to its fullest. This fiscal year, Sendai X-TECH Innovation Project 2022-2023 builds upon previous efforts to continue and develop successful models and implement new models for solving challenges, while planning, designing, and implementing programs. As part of this project, AI inside provides levels 1 and 2 of the AI Growth Program practice-based AI human resource development program and supports in-house AI development by dispatching dedicated consultants to concrete projects in the demonstration phase.

Description of Activities

1. No.1 regional city for AI human resource numbers (no.1 regional city in Japan for number of people acquiring general/engineer level deep learning certification)

The various efforts in the previous fiscal year led to a total of 36 people acquiring general/engineer level deep learning certification). As of March 2022, Sendai City ranked 13th/12th over Japan for the number of people with general/engineer level deep learning certification, respectively. This year the city will continue to develop the AI human resource business to aim for a top 10 ranking in Japan as soon as possible.2. Creating 30 examples of utilizing X-TECH (creating 30 examples of improving sales or profit via AI utilization)

2. Ideas for a total of 15 examples of AI utilization were gathered via the efforts in the previous fiscal year. This fiscal year, we will continue our efforts to brush up on the 15 ideas and commercialize them, as well as create another 15 business ideas to achieve a cumulative total of 30 ideas.

3. Realizing the X-TECH Sendai model (building an ecosystem that continuously creates innovation)

Aim to enhance cooperation with related companies and organizations across industry, government, and academia and to organize the project by the next fiscal year. We will build an “ecosystem” in which cycles of AI human resource development and AI utilization are spontaneously generated in the Sendai and Tohoku regions.

*1 This bureau is an optional bureau centered on the trustees of the FY2022 Sendai City next-generation X-TECH business creation promotion business. It does not promise the consignment of business from the next fiscal year.
*2 Participating organizations: zero to one, inc. (Head office: Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture; President: Takashi Takekawa), miyax co., inc (Head office: Izumi-ku, Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture; President & COO: Kurato Takahashi), PERSOL INNOVATION CO., LTD. TECH PLAY COMPANY (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Hideo Kataoka), eiicon company (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Ayuko Nakamura), AI inside Inc.

Overview of “AI Growth Program,” the Practice-Based AI Human Resource Development Program

The AI Growth Program is a program in which participants can learn AI utilization and business establishment from lecturers with AI business experience, based on the technology and know-how AI inside has cultivated through its service offerings. The program aims to develop human resources who can utilize AI in the business area by targeting all employees in charge of operations, DX promoters, and corporate planners in various departments of all companies and organizations.

In the program, divided into levels of 1 to 5, participants attend lectures with hands-on workshops, where they acquire the skills to identify and organize problems in the fields, formulate concrete measures by leveraging AI, and perform actual development and operation. We accompany and support the launch of AI projects using “Learning Center Vision” and “Learning Center Forecast,” which enable anyone to develop and operate AI without coding skills.

About AI inside Inc. (

With our mission, “to bring AI to every being in the world and contribute to a richer future society”, AI inside aims to realize a society in which AI spreads to every corner of people’s life. We provide a platform for anyone to utilize AI easily through our services: “Learning Center Vision,” an image recognition AI, “Learning Center Forecast,” a prediction and judgment AI, “AI Growth Program,” a practice-based AI human resource development program, “DX Suite” to digitize various information into highly accurate data, “AI inside Cube,” an edge computing service that realizes the operation of AI in a secure environment, and “Developer’s API,” a collection of intelligence APIs.  

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