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September 29, 2022

AI inside Acquires Exclusive Rights to Data Structuring Technology and Patents from Omniscience Corporation

Aims to enhance features of “DX Suite”

Tokyo, September 29, 2022–  AI inside Inc., a provider of an AI platform with the mission of “to bring AI to every being in the world and contribute to a richer future society,”  is pleased to announce its decision to acquire data structuring technology and patents from Omniscience Corporation under exclusive rights. AI inside will apply this technology to enhance its semi-structured form OCR and Full Page OCR functions within “DX Suite,” which converts analog data into digital data. With this, AI inside aims to support more types of forms and improve the accuracy of AI-OCR and additional values provided for existing forms. In addition, through the integrated AI platform provided by AI inside, we will promote the utilization of structured business data to strongly support business transformation in all types of companies and organizations.

Background and overview of technology acquisition

Omniscience has developed and owns innovative technologies for structuring unstructured data, and has proven its superiority in the form of multiple patents. This technology uses an advanced approach to extract textual information based on an understanding of the meaning of the text, enabling data structuring with unparalleled processing speed while maintaining integrity. 

AI inside will acquire and apply this technology to enhance the semi-structured OCR and Full Page OCR functions of “DX Suite,” an application converting analog data into digital data. With this, we aim to support more types of forms and improve the accuracy of AI-OCR and additional values provided for existing forms. (*2) This will transform unstructured data into structured data in all types of companies and organizations. In addition, by combining with the prediction and judgment AI of “Learning Center Forecast,” the no-code AI development and operation platform provided by AI inside, this will contribute to the creation of data-driven organizations that make optimal decisions through the use of business data, and to the creation of new value and business transformation.

*1 ”DX Suite” currently supports 12 types of semi-structured forms (purchase order documents, invoices, receipts from a cash register, receipts, insurance policies, medical certificates, medical receipts, residence certificates, resumes, payroll reports, rental agreements, automobile tax payment forms)

Use case examples: DX initiatives through the use of health certificate data

“DX Suite” reads information from medical certificates and converts it into digital data and structures it so that it can be easily searched and handled in chronological order, etc. Combined with “Learning Center Forecast,” which allows anyone to easily develop and operate AI for forecasting and decision-making based on data, this will promote data utilization within all companies and organizations.

Use case 1: Underwriting services for life insurance companies

Life insurance companies conduct operations to determine whether insurance can be underwritten based on the policyholders’ age, occupation, health condition, and other factors at the time of the insurance contract. AI-OCR is expected to be utilized in the data processing of health check forms received from subscribers. In addition, by using structured medical checkup data, insurance companies can construct a predictive and decision-making AI to propose optimal insurance products.

Use case 2: Utilization of Health Screening Data in Health Care Services

Due to the growing focus on self-medication*2 against the rapidly aging population in Japan and the increasing prevalence of lifestyle diseases, healthcare services for individuals are on the rise, and the health tech/health solution-related market is expected to exceed 300 billion yen by 2022. *3 In healthcare services, capturing medical checkup data using AI-OCR will improve user experience and provide additional value. 

Use case 3: Management of employee’s health examination data

An increasing number of companies are engaging in “health management” as part of their management strategy, which is expected to increase corporate value and improve employee retention rates. “Health management” is anticipated to spread within companies to enhance corporate social value, and the use of AI-OCR is expected to improve operational efficiency in managing the health checkup data of employees within a company.

*2 Self-medication: taking responsibility for one’s own health and treating minor physical ailments by oneself; defined by WHO
*3 Source: Fuji Keizai Health Tech & Health Solution Related Market Status and Future Outlook 2019

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