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December 08, 2022

AI inside to Collaborate with Wellness Communications in Smart Healthcare

Supporting the digitization of health check-up reports and creation of new business through its use

Tokyo, December 8, 2022– AI inside Inc., which promotes the democratization of AI by providing AI infrastructure, announces the collaboration aimed at advancing smart healthcare with Wellness Communications Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “WCC”), which provides corporate solutions services in the medical examination field and health management cloud (SaaS) services.

Through this collaboration, AI inside will provide an AI development and operation infrastructure, including character recognition AI, image recognition AI, and prediction and judgment AI, as well as related services, to support the development and operation of a commissioned service to digitize health checkup report data, which WCC is considering, and the creation of new business through the use of health checkup data. By leveraging the strengths of both companies, this collaboration aims to create new smart healthcare services, helping corporations manage the health of their employees more efficiently and with maximum effectiveness, and contributing to more advanced health management and promotion of human capital management.


Japan’s working-age population is expected to decline from 74.5 million as of 2021 to 52.75 million by 2050, a 29.2% drop.*1 A decline in the working-age population will give rise to many problems, from slowing economic growth to spiraling costs for medical and nursing care. On the way to solving these issues, companies and organizations seek to raise productivity through digital transformation (DX) and other means, while interest is growing in healthcare services that contribute to people’s health. The importance of these efforts can also be inferred from the market size of Japan’s healthcare industry, which is estimated to grow from 25 trillion yen in 2016 to 33 trillion yen by 2025.*2

Given these societal trends, an increasing number of companies are focusing on areas such as “health management,” which views the managing of employee health as a business management issue and engages strategically in health promotion, and “human capital management,” for raising corporate value in the medium to long term by maximizing the value of human resources. Against this background, needs are growing for converting health check-up reports and other employee health data to digital form and using that data.

*1 Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Outline of the 2022 White Paper on Information and Communications in Japan (Japanese only)
*2 Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), Promotion of Health Management, page 102 (Japanese only)

Details of Initiatives

WCC has established a track record of more than 15 years in healthcare businesses. Currently, more than 2,000 companies have introduced WCC services. The main ones are corporate solutions services such as network medical exams, and health management cloud (SaaS) services such as health support systems. In addition, WCC has operations for collecting approximately 600 kinds of medical examination reports from around 2,100 nationwide facilities and medical institutions, extracting digital data, and validating the data. Over the years, the company has accumulated many different assets specific to the healthcare field, including its customer and partner foundation and a wealth of databases and expertise. It has recently begun to consider creating new businesses using its assets.

In this collaboration, AI inside will support WCC in achieving its business creation aspirations by providing a set of services for converting characters and numerical data entered on paper forms to digital data, and for utilization of that data, as end-to-end AI infrastructure contributing to DX realization. Specifically, AI inside will provide its proprietary high-accuracy character recognition AI technology and services, so that the service under consideration by WCC, which converts written health check-up reports to digital data on consignment, can be made more efficient and operated at a lower cost.

AI inside will further assist WCC in the development of new services, such as for assessment of health management achievement level, and per-industry comparison, by making use of the diagnostic results and other digital data compiled by WCC in its health management cloud service along with the “Learning Center” no-code AI development and operation tools provided by AI inside. Consideration will also be given to providing the AI inside “AI Growth Program,” a practice-based DX personnel development program. This program is useful for reskilling existing employees and developing them into human resources who can take the lead in connecting the value of AI to fundamental challenges for business and their solutions, an important aspect of new business creation. These new services will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of employee and family health management by companies and health insurance associations, and contribute to more advanced health management and promotion of human capital management.

Looking Ahead

By taking advantage of each of their strengths, the two companies will promote smart healthcare, drawing on AI to make people more familiar with health promotion and support its improvement. AI inside, moreover, through the provision of AI infrastructure and core technologies, will continue promoting AI democratization, enabling anyone to use AI for business transformation, while aiming to realize “Smart X,” a sustainable future society in which AI is integrated into every corner of the world and is solving society’s problems.

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