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February 06, 2023

“Dropbox” Links with AI inside’s “DX Suite”

To Automatically Complete Document Digitization in Compliance with Revised Law on Book and Record Keeping through Electronic Methods and New Invoice System in Japan

Tokyo, February 6, 2023 – AI inside Inc., which promotes the democratization of AI by providing AI infrastructure, is pleased to announce the ability to link the ”DX Suite” digitization application with the Dropbox online storage service via a new application called “Dropbox to DX Suite,” which is developed and distributed by StrategIT. This application enables the digitization of forms saved in cloud storage to be automatically completed.


With the revised Law on Book and Record Keeping through Electronic methods and the introduction of the invoice system in Japan, business operators that were managing receipts and invoices as paper forms are now required to digitize them and implement appropriate measures for their preservation. The digitization of diverse forms is also essential from the perspective of work efficiency and the promotion of DX, and companies need solutions for the automation of such digitization work. This prompted the creation of the new “Dropbox to DX Suite” application for linking “DX Suite” with the “Dropbox” online storage service for improved usability.

Overview of the Functional Collaboration

Users of both “DX Suite” and “Dropbox” can now automatically scan document files uploaded to “Dropbox” via AI-OCR and store the CSV output in a folder in “Dropbox.” This process is completed automatically, simply by uploading forms to the specified folder in Dropbox. By automating the data entry work that has previously been performed manually, data can be digitized more quickly, and information can be managed more appropriately.

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Comments from Each Company

Seiji Umeda, President of Dropbox Japan

I welcome the release of “Dropbox to DX Suite,” and am sure that the ability to link Dropbox with DX Suite, which utilizes AI-OCR technology to digitize paper documents with high precision, will greatly contribute to making the work of DX Suite and Dropbox users more efficient.
At Dropbox, we actively promote the Dropbox API to enable the users of our products to seamlessly interact with a wide variety of cloud products and will continue assisting users to ensure an optimal cloud environment for secure content management.

Fumie Kato, President of StrategIT

I appreciate the opportunity to develop this application for linking DX Suite and its advanced AI-OCR technology with the Dropbox cloud storage service used by many people around the world. The new application automates work that was previously performed manually, to enable more efficient data management. By combining SaaS solutions in such a manner, both solutions can be utilized more effectively. StrategIT strives to achieve a world where anyone can fully utilize SaaS solutions with a single click of a button.

Taku Toguchi, Representative Director, President & CEO, (Concurrently) CPO of AI inside

It is a great pleasure for us that we have this opportunity to contribute to improving user convenience by linking with “Dropbox,” a wonderful product appreciated by users all over the world. Looking ahead, we will continue to provide open AI infrastructure and technology so that our technologies can be utilized in various services and aim to transform lifestyles by achieving a world where more and more people can benefit from AI without even noticing it.

Future Outlook

AI inside plans to work on further efforts regarding the revised Law on Book and Record Keeping through Electronic Methods and the introduction of the invoice system in Japan, such as improving the precision of non-standard invoice models and expanding the number of items that can be scanned, as well as providing new products related to invoice work. In order to reduce the burden of data entry, which is an issue regarding the preservation of records, we will continue to aim for improved usability and enhance linking with various other services.

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About StrategIT

StrategIT provides a SaaS linking service called Master Hub and a SaaS linking app store called SaaStainer to plug the gaps in SaaS popularization and promotion. API linking for SaaS helps provide value to users and solve issues with work. StrategIT understands users’ business solutions and aims to improve and enhance thier work and services based on expertise and experience in everything from planning and design to development and operation.

About AI inside Inc. 

With our mission, “to bring AI to every being in the world and contribute to a richer future society”, AI inside aims to realize a society in which AI spreads to every corner of people’s life. We provide a platform for anyone to utilize AI easily through our services: “Learning Center,” a platform for anyone to utilize image recognition/prediction and judgment AI without code, “AI Growth Program,” a practice-based AI human resource development program, “DX Suite” to digitize various information into highly accurate data, “AI inside Cube,” an edge computing service that realizes the operation of AI in a secure environment, and “Developer’s API,” a collection of intelligence APIs. 

Company Name: AI inside Inc. 
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Representative: Representative Director, President & CEO (Concurrently) CPO Taku Toguchi 
Founded: August 2015 
Business details: Development and provision of artificial intelligence and related information services

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