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February 13, 2023

AI inside Announces “AnyData”

For Achieving a World Where Anyone Can Benefit from AI through Autonomous Learning AI that Utilizes Various Data

Tokyo, February 13, 2023 – AI inside Inc., which promotes the democratization of AI by providing AI infrastructure, announces “AnyData,” which aims to achieve a world where anyone can benefit from AI with autonomous learning AI that utilizes data in any type and format.

AI inside will use “AnyData” to generate the solutions necessary for the world to achieve the “Smart X” concept of a sustainable future society where AI solves any and all social issues. One such example is a new solution that enables companies in Japan to respond to the revised Law on Book and Record Keeping through Electronic Methods by simply uploading invoices. This solution is scheduled to start operation in Spring 2023, and AI inside has started receiving applications.


Governments, regional authorities, corporations, and individuals create and accumulate various types of document, image, video, audio, and e-mail data on a daily basis. With the acceleration toward digital transformation (DX), the utilization of data is becoming more and more important, and a large number of corporations and individuals are concerned about how data can be collected and analyzed for use in decision-making processes.

There is a demand for “digitalization” that creates new value by using digital technologies to transform existing business models. Still, the digitalization process raises further questions, such as how to effectively utilize adopted tools, reduce the ballooning costs of repeated proof-of-concept demonstrations, and cultivate the required human resources.

The appearance of various tools and systems for utilizing data has led to a focus on human resource cultivation and reskilling for utilizing those tools and systems to promote DX. Furthermore, with the gradual spread of working-level AI seen at the moment, completely different approaches will be required to achieve essential DX that goes beyond current work efficiency and labor-saving efforts. We will need to discover new “ways of using AI” upon achieving an understanding of the structural challenges facing the world.

What AnyData is, and How We Would Benefit from AI without Noticing it

“Transactions between companies are performed without paper invoices, and payments are completed seamlessly and automatically. People are freed from the burden of issuing and receiving invoices, checking deposits, and making payments, and are able to focus their time and energy on their core work. Financial indices are visualized in real-time, refined business forecasting improves fundraising capability, and management is optimized via the contribution of AI.”

“Medical care is provided appropriately at the optimal timing, based on the results of past diagnoses, health checkups, and data such as prescription history. Optimal insurance products are tailored to meet individual needs. Lifestyles are improved, and it is no longer necessary for people to look at insurance product brochures and worry about which insurance to apply for.”

In a world where more and more people can benefit from AI without even noticing it, things like this will be normal. The possibilities of AI go beyond simply doing work for humans. AI will be able to combine vast amounts of data and the knowledge and experience of humanity to come up with as-yet-unknown solutions which will greatly transform how we work.

In order to realize such a future, AI inside will accelerate research and development into autonomous learning AI, which is one topic at the cutting edge of research. “AnyData” will provide autonomous learning based on various data, automatically generate new AI models, and thereby generate a wide variety of solutions for creating new value.

AI inside will pioneer new “ways of using AI” to realize the true value of AI through “AnyData”, achieve the “Smart X” concept of a sustainable future society where all kinds of social issues are solved, and give birth to transformations that greatly exceed human imagination, which will enable AI inside to contribute to human happiness and the evolution of humanity itself.

Responding to the Revised Law on Book and Record Keeping through Electronic Methods Simply by Uploading to AnyData

Due to customary practices and requests from other parties when doing business, many small and medium-sized enterprises use bank transfers for transactions, and this involves procedures for both issuing and processing invoices. The analog nature of this process leads to problems such as the risk of payment delays. The enforcement of the revised Law on Book and Record Keeping through Electronic Methods obligates companies to preserve digital transaction data, and small and medium-sized companies are under pressure to do so while also addressing the urgent need to make a digital shift to ensure healthy business management.

To solve such problems, AI inside plans to provide small and medium-sized enterprises with an “AnyData” solution for invoice work. By simply uploading documents such as invoices, the data is automatically digitized to meet the requirements of the revised law at a low cost and with far less trouble than before.

Overview of Solution for Responding to Revised Law on Book and Record Keeping through Electronic Methods

Basic functionality: Automatic digitization of documents such as invoices via AI-OCR and automatic sorting and storage via AI
Price: Completely usage-based system with no upfront costs and a price of 130 yen per invoice (tax excluded)
Service start date: Scheduled for Spring 2023
Future functional enhancements: Expanded range of supported forms, linking with accounting systems, support for the Japanese Invoice System, and more.
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