As a company aiming to expand globally, we aim to achieve a sustainable future society

Our lives are becoming richer day by day as technology evolves and economies grow.

However, will this prosperity continue in the future? Does this prosperity leave anyone behind?

To contribute to the “richer future society” stated in our mission, as a company that provides AI services and platforms and aims to expand globally, AI inside is working to achieve the international goals set by the UN SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

The five materialities that AI inside is addressing

Support digital transformation

“Digital transformation (DX)” aims to transform business through digital technology. The AI-OCR “DX Suite” which we currently provide helps companies solve their DX issues by improving the efficiency of back-office operations. In the future, we plan to provide a platform for both companies and individuals to develop and use AI to solve problems quicker at a lower cost.

Initiative measures

  • Provision of DX Suite AI-OCR
  • Development of AI platforms

Achieving goals through partnerships

AI inside seeks to provide the world’s most used AI products. To achieve this, we focus on building relationships with employees, sales partners, users, and the wider community.

  • Employees: A flat organization structure that facilitates easy sharing of information and promotes individual discretion in decision making.
  • Partners: Implementing a sales partner strategy; 90% of contracts are with partners.
  • Users: A focus on customer success and user feedback reflected closely in product development.
  • Communities: Build relationships with and support people who are promoting AI.

Initiative measures

  • Unit-based organization
  • Sales partner strategy
  • User community management

Promoting diversity in the work environment

By creating a workplace where diverse human resources can play active roles, we prevent a rigid organization and create an environment where innovation is born. We have a flat corporate culture in which each individual takes responsibility for their work regardless of age, nationality, gender, job position, or work style. With such diversity and creativity, we can develop services, products, and platforms with a global perspective.

Initiative measures

  • Hiring of diverse human resources
  • Promotion of remote work

Environmental consideration

As a result of prioritizing profits, corporate activities around the world continue the excessive consumption of resources and development that destroys the natural environment. For a richer future society, global environmental issues must be faced, and we believe that not only government and individuals but also corporations have a role to play.

Therefore, the future data center that AI inside is currently planning will be powered by renewable energy and we will continue to work to improve the recycling rate of hardware developed in-house, such as the AI inside Cube.

Initiative measures

  • Improvement in hardware recycling rate
  • Use of special-purpose reusable packaging material
  • Arrangement for hardware recycling and disposal

Return of profits to society

AI inside is addressing social issues in our corporate activities, under a mission of “To bring AI to every being in the world and contribute to a richer future society.”

Initiative measures

  • Free use of our products when used for the processing of special cash payments during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Proposal of our products in coronavirus vaccination management operations

Cyclical synergy for realizing “AI inside X”

We aim to provide a wide range of valuable AI services and products at a low cost.

  1. An excellent user experience
  2. Brings more users and data
  3. Which means more data for training AI
  4. That creates a higher quality AI which further improves UX
  5. From this cycle, growth continues and business scales up
  6. As business scales up, costs can be reduced
  7. High quality AI can be offered widely for a low cost