AI inside Platform Strategy

AI inside’s mission is to bring AI to every being in the world and contribute to a richer future society.

AI inside Cloud, AI inside Cube, Network, etc. as the infrastructure to run AI.
Learning Center as a tool for anyone to create AI easily.
Workflows to use AI and apps created by individuals, other users, or AI inside.

With the platform of AI inside, we will realize a world where anyone can easily create and use AI.

Running AI

AI inside Cube

A new standard for edge computing

AI inside Cube is an edge computer created to achieve any sort of AI operation through powerful GPU hardware and AI inside’s proprietary AI management OS and software.

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Creating AI

Learning Center

A digital transformation with AI development without code


No expertise in creating AI is required.The training data required for AI learning can be created intuitively using a graphical UI.The annotated data can be easily viewed and modified.


Once the training data is ready, AI learning starts with one click.The accuracy of the model is displayed in easy-to-understand graphs and figures, allowing smooth evaluation. The completed AI model can be linked to any system using the API.

Learning Center Product Website (JP Only)

Using AI

Workflows alpha version

Construction of workflow that handles AI and applications with flexibility

DX Suite

Digitize a wide variety of documents with high accuracy.
Manual input of handwritten, typed, faxed, or photographed documents is no longer needed.
The AI-OCR engine is pre-trained and ready for immediate use.


AI cross-checks the two facial images and outputs the match rate. This enables automation of personal identification work.

(Currently, only an API is provided.)

Digital Input

Easily create web forms. Input of both analog data and digital data is handled at the same time, further promoting digitalization.

※To be released soon.

DX Suite Product Website