Management Team


Representative Director, President & CEO Taku Toguchi

Representative Director, President & CEO

Taku Toguchi

He started his research and development of artificial intelligence in 2004. Since then, he has been engaged in continuous research and development of artificial intelligence for more than ten years and commercialization and financial strengthening. In 2015, he founded AI inside. As Representative Director, President & CEO, he has led service development, technology, management strategy, and drives the company’s business growth. He has invented many technology patents, including the below.

  • Character recognition technology using machine learning combined with image recognition and natural language

  • Virtual personality generation and recommendation technology from anonymous information

  • Encryption technology using image processing

  • Compression and transfer technology for documents

  • Collation check system between AI-OCR result and human input data

  • and others

Executive Director, CMO Yoshiaki Sakito

Executive Director, CMO

Yoshiaki Sakito

After working for Sony, Bain & Company, The Walt Disney Company, and AOL, Yoshiaki founded Livedoor. Steve Jobs entrusted him with the Japanese market, and he became Vice President of Apple’s U.S. headquarters and Representative Director of Apple Japan. He then revived Apple from its crisis. He is currently the CEO of REALDEAR and is involved in developing a learning platform and consulting. Appointed as Executive Director of AI inside in June 2021 and as Executive Officer CMO in February 2022.

Chief Enterprise Strategy Officer, CRO Kazutoshi Okada

Executive Director, CRO

Kazutoshi Okada

After graduating from university, he started his career as a system engineer and started his own system development company in his 20s. Later on, he held executive positions at EDS JAPAN, Japan Systems, and Hewlett Packard Japan. After becoming an Executive Officer at IBM Japan in 2013, he was in charge of insurance and partner business and spread “IBM Watson” to the financial industry and over 500 IT companies nationwide. Joined AI inside in December 2022 as Executive Officer and appointed as Executive Director, CRO in June 2023.

Executive Officer, CIO Kyoichiro Suzuki

Executive Director, CIO

Kyoichiro Suzuki

For 13 years from 1991, Kyoichiro led and supervised software product development at start-ups and listed companies in and around Silicon Valley. After returning to Japan in 2004, he joined Microsoft Corporation (now Microsoft Japan). He served as Executive Officer of Developer & Platform Evangelism, Chief Information Officer for Japan and Japan, and General Manager of IT Division at the U.S. HQ. In 2013, he left Microsoft and founded Leftright Corporation, which provides intellectual property management consulting and innovation support. Joined AI inside in June 2021 and was appointed as Executive Officer in October 2022. In June 2023, he was appointed as Executive Director, CIO. Patent attorney.

Non-Executive Director, Kenichi Hoshi

Outside Director

Kenichi Hoshi

Kenichi joined JUKI CORPORATION in 1989 and worked in the Soviet Union, India, and Singapore, and afterward served as President of local subsidiaries in Romania and France. From 2005, he served as President of the Thai Subsidiary of Misumi Group Inc. In 2008, he joined Amazon Japan G.K., where he served as Director and led the Retail, Marketplace, and B2B business divisions. In 2020, he was appointed COO of Oisix ra daichi, Inc., and External Director of Medley, Inc. He is currently the External Director of SocialGood, Inc. and Groove, Inc., President of kenhoshi&Company, Advisor of Shizuoka Prefecture, part time lecturer at Tokai University, and others. Appointed as Outside Director of AI inside Inc. in June 2021.

Executive Officer

Executive Officer, CFO Ryuki Okamura

Executive Officer, CFO

Ryuki Okamura

After graduating from Waseda University with a B.A. degree in Law, Ryuki engaged in financial statement audit and advisory projects for global entities at Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC in the U.S. and Japan. He then joined Ernst & Young ShinNihon LLC, where he provided consulting services, and afterwards he was in charge of financial accounting and process improvement projects mainly for overseas entities at Lenovo Japan Co Ltd., Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co Ltd., and Moody’s Group Japan G.K., etc. He joined AI inside in October 2021 and was appointed as Executive Officer CFO in February 2022. Certified Public Accountant (USCPA).

Executive Officer, CTO Hu Weiming

Executive Officer, CTO

Hu Weiming

Born in Wuhan, China. After graduating from university in 2004, he joined a Chinese-Japanese joint corporation and came to Japan in Fall 2006. He has a wide range of experience in development projects, including embedded applications, web applications, and authentication middleware. Since joining AI inside in April 2019, he has worked on product development of “AI inside Cube” and “Learning Center,” and is driving business development and expansion from scratch. He holds a Master’s degree in technology management. Appointed as Executive Officer CTO of AI inside in April 2022.

Executive Officer, CXO Hiroki Hosaka

Executive Officer, CXO

Hiroki Hosaka

Graduate of Chiba University with a degree in Design Science. After graduating, he joined Nikon Corporation, where he worked on UI design for electronic devices. Afterwards, he worked on UX design for IoT devices at LEOMO, Inc. and UX design consulting at Tigerspike Tokyo. He started supporting AI inside Inc. from July 2017 as external designer, and officially joined in October 2019. He launched the design organization, and oversees the design operation. Appointed as Executive Officer CXO (Chief Experience Officer) of AI inside Inc in April 2021.

Standing Audit and Supervisory Board Member

Standing Audit & Supervisory Board Member

Takayuki Satoh

After joining a foreign bank and working at a major auditing firm (in the U.S.), he established Sato Management Law Office. He has served as an external auditor of Mixi Inc. and Ace Insurance Co., Ltd. and was appointed as an Audit & Supervisory Board Member of AI inside Inc in June 2019. Graduated from Waseda University, Faculty of Political Science and Economics. Lawyer and a U.S. Certified Public Accountant (USCPA).

Standing Audit & Supervisory Board Member

Wataru Kagawa

Wataru joined Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation (currently Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation). After serving as Director and Executive Officer at NTT DoCoMo, and Full-time Corporate Auditor of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone East Corporation, he is currently an non-executive director (part-time) of several venture companies. In June 2021, he was appointed as Audit & Supervisory Board Member of AI inside Inc. Graduate of Faculty of Economics, The University of Tokyo.

Standing Audit & Supervisory Board Member

Sakon Kuramoto

Sakon focuses on ESG and sustainability compliances, strengthening the global compliance system, and general corporate legal affairs. He has experience working in the United States as well as Singapore and has served as an outside auditor and director for multiple companies. He is currently a member of Orrick Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP. Tokyo Office, and Bizmates, Inc. as Audit & Supervisory Board Member. Appointed as Audit & Supervisory Board Member of AI inside Inc. in May 2023. Attorney at law admitted to practice in Japan and New York, USA.